Is Potato Milk Good for You?

Is Potato Milk Good for You?

Non-dairy milk is becoming more and more popular all the time, and there is certainly a lot of it to choose from. Although the world now has oat, soy, almond, and cashew milk, among others, there is a new player on the field, and its name is potato milk. Huh? That’s right – milk made out of potatoes. Although this notion conjures up images of milk that tastes like boiled potatoes, the truth is that potato milk does not taste like potatoes and is not only yummy but also incredibly healthy for you. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why.

How Is Potato Milk Made?

Just like many other non-dairy milks, potato milk is made by pulverizing the main ingredient – in this case, potatoes – and straining it of its pulp, then emulsifying it and adding ingredients that improve the taste and texture of the milk. There are two ways to drink potato milk. The first is to buy the commercial product, but as of now there is only one brand of potato milk on the market. It is called DUG and is only available in Europe. The second way to drink potato milk is to make it yourself, and there are recipes for it all over the Internet.

Commercial potato milk has certain vitamins and minerals added to it, including vitamin D, folic acid, and riboflavin, to name a few. This means that when you buy potato milk in the store, you’re getting a very nutritious product. If you make potato milk yourself, you’ll only be adding a few ingredients, but you can add more if you like, especially if you want the milk to taste a certain way. In either case, keep in mind that since the main ingredient is potatoes, you’re getting a lot of nutritional benefits when you drink potato milk because potatoes are chock full of vitamins and minerals.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Potato Milk?

Potatoes are root vegetables that are naturally heart-healthy. They can lessen your chances of getting illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers. They improve the overall health of your digestive system and make it much easier to control your blood sugar. Potatoes have even been proven to help you sleep. So, when you decide you want to try a non-dairy type of milk, potato milk just makes sense. It is low in fat and sugar, high in vitamins and minerals, and tastes much better than a lot of people realize.

Potato milk also boasts ingredients such as vitamin C, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. If all this weren’t enough, potato milk has a lot of antioxidants that can reduce the risks of chronic illnesses such as cancer, while the natural starch in the potatoes enhances the digestive process and allows you to have fewer tummy problems. All the way around, potato milk – thanks to the healthiness of the potato – is an excellent choice for people who want to consume milk that is free of dairy but provides them with a ton of nutritional benefits.

The Other Benefits of Drinking Potato Milk

Of course, people have numerous reasons for drinking non-dairy milk. They could be lactose-intolerant or be interested in following the vegan lifestyle. Or, they could be interested in buying products that contribute to a more sustainable world. The truth is, non-dairy milk is kinder to the environment because it uses more than 50 times less water than almond milk does and requires about half of the land that dairy milk does. In other words, when you choose to consume potato milk, you’re contributing to the environment because all plant-based milk has a much lower carbon footprint than dairy milk.

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If you are lactose-intolerant or simply believe dairy products to be unhealthy foods to consume, it’s good to know that you have alternatives in non-dairy types of milk, including potato milk. Since the milk does not taste like “boiled potatoes” but, in fact, has a slightly sweet taste and a great texture and feel to it, it is indeed a great option over dairy milk and even other types of non-dairy milk. For these and so many other reasons, potato milk is a very tasty, sustainable, and healthy option to choose when you prefer not to drink dairy milk.

And If All of This Wasn’t Enough…

Now back to the nutritional benefits of potato milk. When you make potato milk at home, you’ll be using limited ingredients, including maple syrup, water, and maybe crushed almonds, so the nutritional content in the milk will essentially be up to you. DUG, the world’s first potato milk, also contains ingredients such as pea protein, maltodextrin, chicory fiber, rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, natural flavors, and vitamins, most of which add to its nutritional value and its taste. It does this without adding anything unhealthy to the recipe, such as fat or sugar.

Keep in mind that DUG is also available in three different flavors – original, barista, and unsweetened – so the ingredients may vary a little from one to the other. Nevertheless, the company that makes this product, Veg of Lund, has the goal of making products that are high in nutritional content, so there is no sugar, fat, or anything else that isn’t good for you contained in the milk. In other words, when you drink potato milk – whether it’s commercially bought or homemade – you can count on consuming lots of vitamins and minerals while also enjoying a very tasty drink.


Potato milk may sound a little unappetizing, but it is actually a smooth, slightly sweet, and nutritious drink that most people seem to love. It has a great texture and taste, but it’s the nutritional content that makes it so valuable. Since more and more people seem to be jumping on the non-dairy milk bandwagon, it’s good to know these people have tasty and nutritious alternatives to turn to. If you haven’t yet tried potato milk, you owe it to yourself to do so if your preference is for non-dairy products. It is a creamy, lightly sweet, and nutritious option that you likely won’t give up anytime soon.


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