What Does Potato Milk Taste Like?

What Does Potato Milk Taste Like?

If you cringe when you think of drinking potato milk, you’re not alone. Even though this type of milk is healthy for you and helps protect the environment, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to jump to the top of your favorite foods list. The thing is, a lot of people don’t know what potato milk tastes like simply because it is currently only found in Europe. Veg of Lund, a Swedish-based company, makes the only brand of potato milk currently, and it’s called DUG. Although it is not available in North America, DUG is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and should arrive in the United States at some point.

What Is DUG Potato Milk All About?

DUG potato milk is available in three varieties: original, barista, and unsweetened. It hasn’t been around that long and therefore many people are scrambling to discover what it tastes like. After all, potato milk is 56 times more water-efficient than almond milk, uses half as much land as oats, and is free from the 14 most common allergens. Of course, if it doesn’t taste good, what is the point? This article is a combination of reviews and opinions by people who have actually tasted all three types of DUG milk, and below is what they had to say.

DUG Barista Potato Milk

DUG barista potato milk has 9% potatoes and a 3% fat content like whole milk does, but keep in mind that it is mostly unsaturated fats. Also added into the milk are chicory fiber, pea protein, maltodextrin, fructose, sucrose, rapeseed oil, emulsifiers, calcium and vitamin supplements, acidity regulators, and natural flavoring. If you drink the milk plain, the first thing you notice is how thick it is – almost like cream, even though the fat content is just 3%.

Barista potato milk is super creamy and tastes slightly sweet and buttery. The only negative thing said about this milk is that it can be a bit heavy when drinking it in the morning. Nevertheless, it is that thickness that also makes it tasty and pleasant to drink. If you put it in espresso-based drinks, it foams up perfectly when heated, just as it does if you froth it with a French press. When used in cocktails such as a White Russian, it makes the perfect amount of foam and sits beautifully on top of the coffee. You can also stir it if you want the foam to settle down more quickly.

In iced coffee, this type of DUG potato milk is rather neutral but complements the coffee perfectly. It doesn’t overpower the coffee or let any bitterness overpower it. With a super-creamy texture that isn’t too much of a good thing, barista potato milk by DUG seems to work nicely with hot and cold coffee, cocktails, and of course, to drink by itself.

DUG Original Potato Milk

The original DUG potato milk has a fat content of 1.5% and is similar in texture to semi-skimmed milk. It is 6% potatoes but is otherwise almost identical to the barista version when it comes to ingredients, even though the quantities of those ingredients can vary. Compared to most plant-based milks, DUG’s original potato milk is about the same in color, meaning it is very pale. The first time you sip it, it can be a little acidic, but that disappears shortly and it becomes a little sweet.

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The more you drink the original potato milk by DUG, the more neutral it becomes, which means the amount of sweetness it offers is just right. You can use it to make pancakes, which turn out super fluffy; cereal, where it prevents the cereal from getting too soggy; or drink it as it is right out of the container. You can also add it to cold brews and coffees, where you’ll get just a hint of sweetness and a slightly almond-like flavor.

With this original version, the flavor is more prominent than the milk itself, which is what it’s supposed to be like. Just keep in mind that it is also very diluted and thin, which means it is not milky enough for some people. This is why people generally don’t use this type of potato milk in espresso-based drinks, where it likely wouldn’t froth up well.

DUG Unsweetened Potato Milk

The DUG unsweetened potato milk has a 9% potato content and is similar in ingredients to the barista type. Unlike the other two types of potato milk, the unsweetened milk has no sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, or chicory fiber. This is a very thick type of milk that is very much like whole milk, and when you compare its color to the other two types, you’ll notice that it is the whitest one. The aftertaste is similar in texture to pancake batter, and it has a very slight hemp taste.

Since it is unsweetened and similar to whole milk in many ways, this potato milk can be used in several recipes, including bechamel-based white sauce that is used for pasta dishes. The milk proved to mix in very well with the roux and won’t split when hitting the hot pasta. In fact, it clings to the pasta very well and perfectly complements the pasta’s flavor. You can also use this unsweetened potato milk in oatmeal, cold brews, and many other dishes. Both the texture and the taste seem to go well in various drinks and foods.


When it comes to the taste of potato milk, what is the final verdict? Most users agree that the milk does not taste like potatoes and, in fact, is quite tasty regardless of how you’re planning to use it. Potato milk has been found to be very versatile in the kitchen, but it isn’t just the taste that people love. It’s also the texture of the milk and the way it seems to blend in well and complement lots of foods and drinks. Although this is a vegan product, you certainly don’t have to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to enjoy it.

You can find DUG potato milk on Amazon, Navesu, and of course, on the company website.


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