What Is DUG Milk?

DUG milk is a non-dairy milk made with potatoes, and it is made by a company called Veg of Lund. The milk has three different flavors – original, barista, and unsweetened – and it can be used in a variety of dishes, including coffee, cereal, and pancake batter. But if you’re thinking that potato milk is not very tasty, think again. Once you get past the fact that the milk is made out of potatoes, you’ll likely find that both the taste and texture are much better than you thought they would be. DUG is a completely dairy-free milk that is gaining in popularity and is currently sold only in Europe.

Why Choose Potato Milk?

Potatoes have tons of vitamins and minerals, so naturally potato milk does also. When compared to other non-dairy milk, potato milk is more environmentally friendly, not to mention free of the 14 most common allergens, among them soy. To be sure, if you’re interested in finding a non-dairy alternative to your current milk choice, DUG should definitely be considered. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals, and it has a very creamy texture that most people love. Only healthy ingredients go into DUG’s products, so you can drink it without concern over its quality or health benefits.

Let’s take a look at the three flavors of DUG potato milk in a little more detail.

DUG Barista Potato Milk

DUG barista potato milk has 9% potatoes and a fat content of 3%, which is the same as whole milk. That being said, most of the fat in the DUG barista potato milk includes unsaturated fats and not the “bad” fats. In addition, the company adds the following ingredients to the barista potato milk to make it even healthier:

  • Chicory fiber
  • Pea protein
  • Maltodextrin
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • Emulsifiers
  • Calcium and vitamin supplements
  • Acidity regulators
  • Natural flavoring

When you drink this potato milk, the ultra-creaminess will taste and feel good in your mouth. The barista potato milk is slightly sweet and has a buttery taste. It does, however, feel very heavy thanks to the extra-dense texture, but as long as you’re prepared for this in the beginning, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a result of the taste, texture, and nutritional value, you can use this potato milk in espresso-based drinks, as a froth in a French press, and in cocktails, cold coffees, and of course, hot coffees.

Many people consider the DUG barista potato milk to be the thickest plant-based milk they’ve ever tasted. In fact, many of them compare the milk to a cream, even though it only has 3% fat.

DUG Original Potato Milk

The original version of DUG potato milk has a 1.5% fat content and is made out of 6% potatoes. In many ways, the original is similar to the barista version of potato milk. When you drink it plain, the first thing you’ll notice is that its color is very pale. This is not unusual, however, because most plant-based milk is very pale. The original potato milk by DUG has a hint of acidity in the first sip and a balanced sweetness that most people love. The more you drink it, the more neutral the taste becomes, which is a nice contrast to its natural sweetness.

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One word of caution with this version of DUG potato milk: there is pea protein added to the milk, and while the taste is not overpowering, some people might notice it and be a bit put off by it. Nevertheless, the original potato milk by DUG is good when used in pancakes – even though you cannot make buttermilk out of it – as well as cereal, cold coffees, and many other dishes. When used in cold coffee, the acidity regulators prevent the milk from curdling, although most people recommend that this version of DUG potato milk not be used in any espresso-based drinks, simply because it might be impossible to get the froth you have come to expect.

DUG Unsweetened Potato Milk

The DUG unsweetened potato milk is 3% plant-based and has a 9% potato content, just like the barista version. Compared to the other two types of DUG potato milk, this one has a limited ingredient list and contains no sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, or chicory fiber. When it comes to thickness, the unsweetened version falls somewhere in between the barista version and the original (sweetened) version. Of the three versions, the DUG unsweetened potato milk is the whitest and, in fact, does resemble whole milk.

There is a slight hemp taste to this milk, which can result in an aftertaste that tastes somewhat like a pancake batter. The milk coats your mouth and has a distinct texture, but it has more of a neutral flavor that most people love. This type of potato milk is also good for making dishes such as bechamel pasta, oatmeal, potato milk porridge, and cold coffee, where it foams up nicely and has somewhat of a hemp flavor and nutty profile. This results in less bitter coffee that is tasty and flavorful.

To recap, here is how you can use the three types of potato milk made by DUG:

  • Original: Put it in cereal, smoothies, hot drinks, or for cooking your favorite dishes
  • Barista: Perfect for coffee because it foams and adds a little creaminess
  • Unsweetened: Perfect for anyone who wants a yummy plant-based milk without all of the sweetness, even though it does foam well


DUG potato milk is completely plant-based and made with fresh potatoes, but it also has a ton of vitamins and minerals for extra health benefits. It is made without soy or other allergens and is perfect for anyone who chooses to follow the vegan lifestyle. It is manufactured using sustainable resources and has a great taste and texture, meaning you can use it in a lot of dishes that you’re using milk in right now. It is currently available only in Europe, but most experts believe it will be expanding to other countries in the very near future. If you’re a vegan or lactose-intolerant, DUG potato milk is worth giving a shot.


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